Privacy Policy

We are conscious of the significance of personal information and the need to protect them, hence, our Privacy Policy. The policy is basically to expose you to the way we collect your information, acquaint you with the way such information are used and the way they are protected.

The information we may collect can be those you may have supplied to us or those made available through the use of our website.

While we may also collect information through other organisations which may have legitimately obtained them, we may also collect those available through the use of cookies on your system and other websites.

How we may use your information:
In view of our commitment to improving our operations in general with the aim of serving our public better, we may use your information to monitor our website, services and products.

We may use your information to carry out market research all in the bid to improve our services.

Your information may also be used where necessary to send messages regarding our products and services. This use may be in the process of marketing our services or products. It could be done through the use of the telephone, e-mail and SMS or other related means as may be necessary.

How we protect your information:

In view of the value we place on your privacy, we carry out regular security checks through malware scanning.

Your information are well secured in general while the particularly sensitive ones you may supply are encrypted through the Secure Socket Layer (SSL).

Use of Cookies

Cookies form an important part of the internet. They are some bits of text that are downloaded to the computer or mobile system through Web browser when anyone visits a website.

They make the systems of the website or service provider recognize the browser in order to capture and remember some information.

Cookies are very significant to the effective use of some of the facilities of the website; they make it easy to provide some of the services required.

While there are different uses to which cookies can be put, we specifically use them to enhance the operations of the website by using them to check traffic and interactions on it.

We use cookies to appreciate the demands of the users with a view to improving services. They can also be deployed to tracking the
advertisements on the site.