Group advocates support for candidate with youth agenda


A political group under the aegis of National Youth Council of Nigeria has said only candidates with robust plans for youths would get its support in the 2023 general elections.

According to its President, Sukobo Sara-Igbe Sukobo, youths have suffered a lot and would only vote for the candidate who would prioritise their needs.

Sukobo who was represented by the Deputy National Secretary General of the council, Rickie Chinedu, disclosed this at the United Youth of Africa Nations’ stat of the youth proclamation in Abuja on Friday.

He added that the country’s youth population was enough to decide who wins or loses in any election in the country, stating that this would be put to use in the 2023 general elections.

He said, “Any nation that toys with his youths, toys with its structure, foundation, and future. The youths are the future of the country. We have the power to make any president and that reject any presidential candidate in any election. This is possible because of our demography.

“If half of the Nigerian youth decide to support a candidate, the candidate will surely win. It is youth O’clock. We will only give our support to those who have plans for us. We have suffered a lot and many youths are angry. We will amend this with our PVC in the 2023 elections.”

The president of the organisation,  Daysman Oyakhilome said for the continent to develop youths across various countries must be united.

He said, “Young people must come together and work with the government in the continent to build a future that they deserve. No one can plan your future for you. Africa will definitely be great if we do this.”

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