10,873 killed, 5,693 kidnapped in 598 LGs – Report


Only 176 local government areas have yet to experience security breaches since the commencement of the year, Sunday PUNCH has learnt.

According to the 1999 Constitution, Nigeria has a total of 774 local government areas headed by chairmen.

Data sourced from media reports and a leading indigenous intelligence outfit, Beacon Consulting, revealed that a total of 598 LGs’ security have been breached by non-state actors between January and December 7, 2022.

A total of 5,111 security incidents were recorded in the affected LGs within the stated duration, leading to the death of at least 10,873 persons while no fewer than 5,693 were kidnapped.

A state-by-state breakdown shows that Borno has recorded 961 security incidents within 27 LGs. These have led to the death of no fewer than 3,104 persons and 531 have been kidnapped.

With 317 incidents in 23 LGs in Kaduna State, at least 1,058 have been killed and 1,402 kidnapped.

Niger has a total of 209 incidents in 23 LGs with 1,104 killed and 625 kidnapped.

For Zamfara State, security has been breached in the state 215 times, within 18 LGs. This led to the death of 1,387 persons and the abduction of 685.

Adamawa has had 214 incidents within 21 LGs with 167 killed and 59 kidnapped.

In the Federal Capital Territory, 194 security breaches have been witnessed in all the six area councils, leading to the death of at least 69 persons and 152 kidnapped.

Anambra State followed with 185 incidents in 20 LGs with no fewer than 233 persons killed and 38 kidnapped.

In Kastina State, 179 incidents have been witnessed in 28 LGs. At least 426 persons have died from the breaches and 444 kidnaped.

Others are Akwa Ibom with 41 incidents in 14 LGs, where 59 were killed and 59 were kidnapped.

In Rivers State, 87 incidents occurred within 17 LGs, 156 killed and 65 abducted; Bayelsa had 55 incidents in eight LGs while 42 were killed and eight kidnapped.

For Delta State, 154 incidents were recorded within 25 LGs, 117 killed and 48 kidnapped.

Imo recorded 133 incidents within 27 LGs, 135 were killed and 66 kidnapped.

Edo has 134 incidents in 16 LGs with 121 killed and 81 kidnapped, while 113 persons have been killed and 70 kidnapped in 112 incidents within 17 LGs in Enugu.

Ebonyi experienced 66 in 12 LGs, leading to the death of 86 and abduction of three, while in Cross River, 51 incidents were recorded in 12 LGs with 68 killed in the process and 48 kidnapped.

In Abia State, 54 incidents were recorded within 14 LGs, 110 killed and 87 abducted. Ondo had 97 in 19 LGs, leading to the death of 105 and 75 abducted.

Ekiti recorded 57 incidents in 15 LGs with eight deaths and 23 abductions. In Osun State, 89 incidents occurred in 23 LGs with 68 deaths and three abductions.

In Oyo, 89 incidents were recorded in 23 LGs with 43 killed and 12 kidnapped, while in Ogun State, 211 incidents happened in 20 LGs with 121 killed and 108 kidnapped.

Kwara has 89 incidents in 14 LGs with 47 killed and 52 kidnapped. Kogi has 66 incidents in 16 LGs, while 80 killed and 127 kidnapped.

Benue has 102 incidents in 18 LGs, 388 killed and 68 abducted.

Taraba recorded 58 incidents in 12 LGs, 226  killed and 136 kidnapped.

In Plateau, 133 security breaches were witnessed in 18 LGs with 512 persons killed and 171 kidnapped.

Adamawa had 214 incidents in 22 LGs, 167 killed and 59 kidnapped.

Bauchi had 61incidents in 14 LGs, 38 killed and 18 kidnapped.

In Nassarawa 35 incidents were recorded in 11 LGs. At least 20 persons killed and 58 kidnapped. Gombe had 92 incidents in 12 LGs, 30 were killed and 11 kidnapped.

Yobe 81 incidents, 14 LGs, 130 individuals killed and 15 kidnapped. Jigawa 33 incidents, 17 LGs, 14 killed and 5 kidnapped. Kano 67 incidents, 25 LGs with 48 killed and 11 kidnapped

Katsina 179, 28 LGs 426 killed and 444 kidnapped. Kebbi 35 incidents, 12 LGs, 212 killed and 26 kidnapped.  In Sokoto 63 incidents were recorded in 15 LGs, leading to the death of 108 persons and 282 kidnapped.

Some of the local governments with high incidents are Konduga in Borno with 163 security incidents out of which 362 individuals were killed and 69 were kidnapped.

The Abuja Municipal Area Council has had 132 incidents with 26 individuals killed and 44 kidnapped.

Gwoza in Borno had 96 incidents; 270 deaths and 13 kidnapped. Bama also in Borno had 86 incidents with 577 deaths and 36 abductions. Chikun in Kaduna had 62 incidents leading to the death of 217 persons and 378 kidnapped.

Shiroro Local Government in Niger State has 31 incidents from which 215 persons have died and 67 were kidnapped.

 ‘Insecurity threatens polls’

Reacting to the report, a security expert, Oladele Fajana, said the spread of insecurity in the country posed a threat to the successful census and general elections in the country.

He said, “It is a bad development. We all know that insecurity has affected every aspect of our economy and having it in that number of local government areas affirms the saying that nowhere is safe in the country.

“This may affect the 2023 elections and census. With our reactionary approach and the size of security operatives, we may not be able to stop it from spreading. To me, the decentralisation of the policing system remains one of the ways to solve the problem.”

Colonel Saka Foluso (retd.) blamed insecurity in the local government areas on the inexistence of the administration at the level in the country.

He said, “There is no way it (insecurity) will not affect the election. Already there are fears among Nigerians, except the security agencies raise to the occasion.”

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