2023 Election: Pick up your PVC to elect credible candidates, Christian group urges


Nigerians have been urged to pick up their Permanent Voters Cards, PVCs, and elect credible and God-fearing candidates during the general elections in 2023.

The charge was made by a non-denominational group, the Christian Conscience Group, against the backdrop of the emergence of candidates for the different political parties.

According to the national publicity director of the group, Mr. Tunji Oguntuase, the group’s position was made available to the in a statement jointly signed by its National Chairman, Dr. (Mrs.) Yetunde Akinluyi and the National Secretary, Revd. Kolawole Verralls.

He said the group pointed out that it had become imperative for Nigerians who were yet to begin or conclude the process of getting their PVCs to take advantage of the remaining window period allowed by the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, to do so.

Ogunutuase said rising from its monthly meeting yesterday, the group commended the political parties to have ensured internal democracy to thrive in their exercises.

It urged them to replicate the laudable efforts during the 2023 general elections so that Nigerians would have cause to enjoy the dividends of democracy.

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The group said to some sceptics who never believed in the Nigeria agenda or trust in the political leaders to organise acceptable and credible primaries amongst themselves, it had clearly shown that, despite little challenges and hiccups, Nigeria was gradually moving to the Promised Land where the issues of internal democracy were discussed in the comity of nations.

“We watched keenly with bated breath on how the outcome of the primaries in all political parties, especially the leading ones, will come out without rancour and disagreement, but was surprised that high sense of maturity was displayed by the parties, hence the successes recorded by all of them in arriving at acceptable candidates,” the group said.

“The buck,” according to the group, “now lies on the door step of Nigerians to elect credible, acceptable, God-fearing candidates that will take us to the Promised Land of economic bouyancy, adequate security of lives and property as well as job creation for our youths.”

Also the issue of electricity must also be addressed, the group urged.

“Most artisans and Nigerians’ means of livelihood, depend on this epilectic and undependable supply of power, hence when the issue of electricity is adequately addressed, the informal sector of the economy will pick up and the Nation will be better for it,” it reasoned.

The group finally urged the candidates from all parties to put on their thinking caps as to how  average Nigerians would be proud of the nation when their programmes touched them positively when elected.

Source: Frontpageng