Tinubu Can Tackle Nigeria’s Socio-Economic, Political Challenges- Group

Sen. Bola Ahmed Tinubu, a presidential aspirant on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC), has the capacity to tackle Nigeria’s socio-economic and political challenges.

The declaration was made in Akure on Monday at a news conference held by one of the presidential aspirant’s support groups, the Tinubu Hope of Nigeria Vanguard.

“Tinubu has the wherewithal to change things; those peddling rumours of his sickness don’t mean well for Nigeria,” leader of the group, Mr Bode Famose, said.

Tinubu Hope of Nigeria Vanguard is peopled by professionals.

“If Tinubu was as sick as being portrayed by his critics, how was he able to observe the Umra in Mecca, Saudi Arabia? Famose queried.

According to him, those who want the status quo to remain, in which the rich will continue to be richer and the poor will get poorer are behind the campaign of calumny against Tinubu.

“He is a former governor of Lagos State. He has the courage and competence to manage the country’s resources to return it to a productive economy.

“Tinubu is a detribalised Nigerian; we need a unifying factor in the coming dispensation, after he has emerged as the candidate of the APC.

“He is fit enough and I am sure he has what we need to ensure Nigeria is taken to the planned height. He has the international connection to bring jobs to Nigerians.

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“For those claiming that Asiwaju is sick, we have asked them to produce medical record of any ailment and none has been able to provide such.

“If you are contesting any election and you have ordinary cough, they will call it cancer.

“As a president, you don’t have to do everything by yourself; you’d look for capable hands, and this, Tinubu has demonstrated over the years,’’ Famose added.

A woman leader in the group, Mrs Florence Lawani, also told the news conference that it would take the campaign to the grassroots, and speak with market women so that Tinubu would be elected president in 2023.

“We are joining other teams to ensure that Tinubu is elected President of Nigeria.

“I represent the grassroots and market women.

“I will tell everyone in the markets and in religious gatherings that the person who can turn the nation round is Tinubu. Let us ensure he gets there,’’ she said.

Similarly, Sen. Tony Adeniyi (SAN) told the news conference that arising from declarations by support groups in the northern part of Nigeria, the Southwest Agenda for Asiwaju (SWAGA) was formed.

He said Tinubu had what it took to reposition Nigeria and turn the lives of the citizens around.

“Tinubu only had a knee surgery. He was not sick as being peddled in the social media,”Adeniyi said. (NAN)