Man laments ordeal preaching in Nigeria’s North


A man named,George Michael Chekwube has expressed dangerous circumstances that surrounded his evangelism mission in the Northern part of Nigeria, highlighting detailed information on how he became a victim of witch-hunt by Boko Haram members in Niger state.

According to him, “I sincerely hope my story will liberate a lot of Nigerians who in relation to their ethnicity, religious believe or political orientation are victimised.

“In tyrannical government masked with hypocritical affirmation of unity, I speak out in pain and struggle for survival as a fugitive in my own country.

“A life changing event took place sometime in September 2019, in Suleja, Niger state. I was evangelizing within my neighbourhood, dominated by extremist Muslims unknowingly to me.

“I was a Christian evangilzer who managed to convert some Muslims and popularised Christianity in that area of the North. I started getting death threats in form of text messages and verbal abuse. My colleugues were abused and beaten up several occasions.

“It got worse and turned bloody January 2020, when I was accused of supporting Indegenous People of Biafra (IPOB). A deadly Islamic group called Boko Haram was all out for blood.

“They killed some Christians and most of my Christian brothers ran for their lives. Some friends of mine who I started the evangeliser work with, were attacked and some killed.”

According to him, his brothers in Christ, like Emmanuel Chinedu, Afam Obiora to mention a few, were killed.

He added that, “I could remember a day my very good friend Osarobo Okunbor, a high spirited Christian Minister who was very successful in converting key Islamic scholars was attacked by the Boko Haram sect.

“Prior to his attack, he received death threats and he did not believe they would attack him until the day they made attempt to behead him. He managed to escape with machete cuts and till date , I dont know how he managed to escape that kind of assault.

“ I believe my other brothers who survived are fugitives in their own country,Nigeria. My very good friend Frank Omo, escaped being lynched in a church and his followers were burnt alive.

“I am very embarrassed to state that the Nigerian government has done nothing to checkmate these extra judicial killings associated with Christains by moslem extremist in the country.

“Most times when you report to the police no action is taken. Nobody is speaking out and it is a common knowledge that the law doesn’t protect Christians in the country.

“I managed to run to Lagos state in 2021 and it was when i totally understood that there is no hiding place for me in my country. I was traced to my house one Sunday evening after a Christian programme a conducted, i managed to escape from the hands of some masked men who wielded sharp machete.

“I have been accused of being anti-government because i choose to practice my religion and speak against the oppression of the Igbos in the eastern part of Nigeria.

“I am fugitive who desperately needs to survive and I know one day all the evil which no media house is ready to expose, would be exposed and people like me would walk freely again in the streets without looking over their shoulders in fear.

I have been in hiding since all these events and my Christian brothers are all on the run .The government denied all these events and label me Anti-government. I was told by my mother that some unidentified men believed to be government agents came to ask for my whereabouts.

“I cannot visit my family and I cannot associate with anyone openly.This would automatically affect the person’s safety.”