6m Children In Acute Danger In Ukraine


    Attacks on hospitals and schools in Ukraine are putting around six million children in acute danger, the humanitarian organisation Save the Children said on Monday.

    Roughly one in five children has had to flee their home country to escape the war, while those children who remain in the war zone are lacking food, clean water and medical assistance while constantly forced to fear for their lives.

    At the same time, 489 schools and 43 hospitals have been damaged or destroyed so far, the organisation said.

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    “Schools should be a place of safety for children, not a place of fear, injury or death,” said Pete Walsh, the country director for Save the Children in Ukraine.

    At least 59 children have already been killed according to the UN, with media reports suggesting the real number may be in the triple digits.

    “The rules of war are very clear,” said Walsh.

    “Children are not a target, neither are hospitals or schools.

    “We have to protect the children of Ukraine at all costs.

    “How many more people have to die before this war ends?,” he said. (dpa/NAN)