Homosexuality: Man cries out over threats to his life


    A 38-year old man, Matthew Omenucheya Ohajianya, has raised the alarm over clear danger to his life and well-being, following accusations that he is into homosexual practice.

    The self-confessed gay, in an interview with Today’s Prime News from his hideout, lamented that while police authorities in Abuja Municipal Council are on his trail,
    elders in his Imo State community have also declared him an outlaw.

    Ohajianya who hails from Emeke Obiezena village in Owerri North Local Government area of Imo State, disclosed that he had been a gay since his childhood.

    He said at a tender age, he paired up with one Chijioke Opara in his village to indulge in the practice.

    “Then the two of us were neck-deep in this practice as we created many hideouts to satisfy our bi-sexual urge.

    “But sometime in March, 2020, the community’s vigilantes caught us red-handed and handed us to the elders for judgement.

    “We were subsequently banished from entering the village for ever, having been subjected to the indignity of going naked in the market place, amid flogging,” a distraught Ohajianya recounted.

    He added that he from there relocated to Abuja where he found another homosexual soulmate in one Ikechukwu Ibe.

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    “Ibe and I went to a party on Iden Garden in Abuja in November to carouse and while we got a hideout to derive our bi-sexual pleasure, the police personnel who had come to raid the joint that night, caught up with us, and arrested Ibe but I managed to escape,” he added.

    The 38-year-old has, however, expressed dismay at his plight, noting that while the police authorities are on the lookout for him and want to bring him to justice, his community, where he was traced to, has equally taken a tough decision on his issue.

    “They have told all the vigilantes and youths in the area to be on the lookout for me as they swore to bring me to harm, saying ‘this boy has brought shame to us and offended the gods'”.

    In Nigeria, homosexual practice attracts a 14-year jail term without an option of fine.

    Ohajianya said he is currently seeking assylum in Europe in the hope of escaping from the jaws of his Nigerian traducers.

    Speaking with our correspondent, however, a community leader in Emeke Obiezena village of Imo State, Chief Nathaniel Anyanwu, confirmed Ohajianya’s claim, saying, “Yes, the boy must be arrested and terribly dealt with, as he has offended the gods by committing the unforgivable abomination of two men having carnal knowledge of each other.”