Self-confessed homosexual alleges persecution, seeks help


A 20-year-old, Anthony Ofor, is now being wanted by the Nigerian police for homosexual practices.

A native of Illushi in Esan South-East Local Government area of ​​Edo State, Lucky said he landed into trouble after he was caught in the act along with sex partner, one Anthony Ofor a school mate.

“We were boarding students at Saint Francis’ College, Ubiaja, I and Anthony were room mates.

“We both are also gay but this was not known to both the teachers and fellow students

“So on Christmas Eve on December 24, 2014, Lucky and I went to an uncompleted building close to the Bar to have fun, as having it in our room as usual as on hustle and bustle.

“But while in the act, a man sighted us and shouted, drawing the attention of people community.

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“We both fled but i was caught up with and arrested and handed over to the police,” he recalled.

Ever since, he, Anthony had been in hiding and could neither return home or may be scare as the police were on his trail.

The Federal Government of Nigeria only recently enacted a law against homosexual practice with offenders slammed with 14-year jail term without option of fine.

ofor having been booked by the police in their record, imprisonment looms for him.