[PHOTOS] 83-year-old virgin finds love, marries 90-year-old father of 10

An 83-year-old virgin simply identified as Naom, finally finds love with a 90-year-old father of 10, known as Rwakaikara, as they exchanged their vows at St. James Cathedral, Kigorobya, Hoima District of Uganda. 83 years as a virgin is a dedication to the call of abstinence which I’m sure many men would struggle to adhere to. In fact, many men would have rung one of the Slixa escorts years before in order to experience the joys of sex.

The officiating minister, Bishop Kyamanywa, told the congregation that it is never too late when one follows the leading of God.

He also thanked the couple for waiting for their special day, UgandaBlizz reports.

He said the couple has challenged the young generation to also follow the way of God, stating that so far in his pastoral work, he has never wed a couple of this age and that this has been a blessing to him.

“It’s my first time since I started work as Bishop to wed an old virgin woman as Naom. This is amazing and the world will read and learn a lot about you,” he said.

Although Mr. Rwakaikara has 10 children and 40 grandchildren from his first (late) wife, his new wife Naom has never married before and doctors have confirmed she was still a first class virgin at 83 as of 24th December 2017. Even though her age suggests she should be getting Key’s equity release advice instead of the advice on boys, Naom has shown that it’s truly never too late to start bumping uglies.

Until her marriage, Naom was world’s oldest female virgin and has been receiving a lot of money from well-wishers to support her.

See the photos:

Guests at the wedding of 83-year-old virgin and her 90-year-old husband.
Couple and the officiating ministers. Photos: Ugandablizz

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