Anthony Joshua predicts outcome of fight with Joshua Parker

Nigerian-born British boxer, Anthony Joshua has made his prediction ahead of the fight with New Zealander boxer, Joseph Parker coming up on Saturday. If you are not a massive fan of boxing but are still rooting for Joshua during his matches, maybe knowing that you can get discounts on streaming services (if you choose to watch the matches through this method) by using something similar to this dazn promo code could entice you in watching even more!

Joshua said he will extend his unbeaten professional record.

The New Zealander is also protecting an impressive 24-fight unbeaten run.

Joshua, IBF and WBA (Super) champion holder, is confident he will emerge victorious in front of nearly 80,000 spectators at Cardiff’s Principality Stadium.

Joshua told press conference, “I’m preparing for a 12-round fight, which isn’t a problem to go the distance.

“I believe I will knock Parker out for sure,’ he said at Tuesday’s pre-fight press conference. If you’ve got £20 on your pocket I would say Anthony Joshua will knock Joseph Parker for sure.

“Parker has two arms, to be simple, but he is quick and can take a punch, that’s what I’ve heard.

“Your weight depends on who you fight, if they’re taller or short and stocky. I don’t know what my weight will be but I feel great.

“One fight at a time, all this talk about Wilder. I’m looking at Parker, he’s a champion for a reason. If I’m victorious, I can look at future plans.

“We’ve had a great build-up to this mega fight. I’m looking forward to putting on the best display on March 31,’ Parker said. ‘I feel ready, I feel confident, and I feel sharp.

“I’m taking these belts back to New Zealand. ‘We love challenges. We see him as a big challenge and that’s why we want to fight him. ‘I feel it’s my time.

“I’m young, I’m fast and I’m strong and I’m determined to win. I’m here to be part of history and I’m not just doing it for myself, I’m doing it for my team, my family and my country.

“I’m going to beat him but I haven’t decided how I want to beat him yet. I don’t know if it’s a knockout, points or decision. I’ll see how I feel on fight night.”

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